Steel gratings

To your attention we offer various steel gratings by functional:

Press gratings  Racking deck modules Welded gratings
Stairs and stairways Slip prevention Grating fixings

Eurosystems has production facilities in Eastern Europe and partnerships with major European producer concerns, including Italian, German, Czech and Polish companies producing high-quality steel galvanized gratings.

Special offer for warehouse logistics: Racking deck modules of pressed grating with bearing capacity up to 4000 kg.

Benefits of gratings in comparison with other types of overlap: Grating is widely used in various industries:

1) Long Life - 50 years of operation;

2) Easy - low metal consumption;

3) Durability - galvanized steel;

4) Transparency - grate does not delay streams of light;

5) Fire safety - leaks water, so you can easily eliminate the source of fire;

6) Easy installation;

7) High bearing capacity - more than 26 000 kg/m2.

- Construction,

- Oil and gas industry,

- Warehouse logistics,

- Aviation,

- Sports industry,

- The chemical industry,

- Wood processing, agriculture.

High quality of galvanized grating provides a simple and unique design features simultaneously. Steel gratings can be made in two different ways, and depending on this subdivided into pressed and welded gratings.